What Does A Kabbadi Team Have In Common With A Lingerie Store?

Let us enlighten you. We at Zivame decided to support a unique cause. A cause we felt needed a strong champion – The need to safeguard the dignity of women in our society. With crimes against women increasing at an astounding rate, there is an alarming need to create awareness and encourage people to maintain zero tolerance towards violence against women. We decided to run a strong campaign that would make an immediate impact.

And who better to join forces with than a team of 12 strong contenders formed and owned by U Sports, namely U Mumba. Participating for the first ever season of “Star Pro Kabaddi League” along with seven other teams, they seem to have taken the Indian Television Scene by Storm.  We approached the team U Mumba who happen to be leading contenders to support us in our quest.  We were greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm from their side.  They were overjoyed at the prospect of coming forward to create awareness and pledge support through a cause oriented digital campaign called ‘MARYADA’.

Supported all the way by Unilazer Sports and championed by one of the best teams in a manly sport like Pro KAbbadi, ‘MARYADA’ is one of the most unique campaigns to hit Social Media. Maryada translates to a limit or boundary in Sanskrit.  If we have to elaborate, it is an outline of the intrinsic moral laws, including likewise ethics, or established customs or rules, and hence signifying rectitude. In a game of Kabaddi, the centre line is considered as the boundary line for each in the team. Each time a raider from the opposite team crosses the line, he breaks this boundary. Every successful defence point is leveraged through the campaign as the U Mumba’s effort towards this noble cause.  So a win for U Mumba is a win for women.

A team of 12 men fight very hard in the name of women and dedicate every win as a step towards protecting and safe-guarding the dignity of women. Through our social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, we play an active role in promoting this noble cause. We’re inviting you to come be a part of this revolution as well. Do join us.  

4 Good Reasons To Wear A Sports Bra

The benefits of a good workout are well known. When it comes to your breasts, you sure can do without that ever-so-embarrassing bounce, while on the treadmill or during that early morning jog.  Does it put you off from exercising? Is your bra standing in your way of your fitness regimen?

Not to worry we’ve the perfect solution to your woes: THE SPORTS BRA.

Here Are The Top Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Sports Bra:

#1 Say Goodbye To Those Stresses & Strains
If you have accepted upper back & neck strain as a part & parcel of life, you are in for a pleasant surprise. It could simply be on account of that additional weight in front. Nothing that a good Sports Bra can’t knock off.

#2 Saggy Boob Syndrome Is Now Passe
High-impact sports deserve high quality sports equipment. After all you wouldn’t run without proper shoes protecting your feet, would you? Why wouldn’t you then go all out to protect your assets from sagging? With a Sports Bra you can protect your Cooper’s ligaments from stretching & causing those twins to loose shape.

#3 Comfort & Style Come Together
If you thought Sports Bras are only about comfort, think again! Go in for the Encapsulation bra to give style a whole new meaning.  Not only do these encapsulate the breasts and offer support, they’re also great if you hate that “uni boob” look! You could also go in for the Compression Sport Bras that ‘hold’ the breasts against the chest wall and provide bounce prevention too.

#4 Breathe Easy
It is not just important for you to breathe easy but for your skin as well! The breathable, moisture wicking fabrics of Sports Bras allows your skin to breathe well so you can focus on your exercise regimen. They also provide for extra sweat absorption and help you burn out your fat without losing too much water from the body. Now isn’t this an added perk?

Who doesn’t love some attention? Armed with the right Sports Bra, you get attention for the right reasons! The next time they play “Shut up & Bounce” at your gym or your aerobics class, you can groove to the music without wondering if the song was indeed meant as a “double entendre”!


6 Survival Tips for the Non-Football-Friendly Girlfriend

Admit it , you’re one of those women who just can’t stomach sports. You’ve already reached your wit’s end thanks to all the incessant banter about a sport you’ve secretly described as , “A bunch of men running after a white and black colored object.”

Don’t sweat it, fellow World Cup victim. We’ve made it through the worst . And there’re only a few games left to go!

Here are six tips to help you make it through the finals and keep your football-smitten boyfriend happy.

1. Look At The Bright Side
All that eye-candy, laid right out there for your viewing pleasure. Ogle those drop-dead gorgeous guys all in the name of football!

2. Food
The way through any man’s heart is through his stomach. A ready supply of beer, chicken and pizza will earn you oodles of gratitude.

3. Reinforce Yourself With Sustenance
Chocolates are a girl’s best friend, why wait for someone else to satisfy you?

4. A Football App
Plain and simple, you’ll get updates every second. Being tech-savvy is always a life-saver. A girls’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do.

5. Throw A Football Party
What better way to indulge your man, than with an occasion to celebrate his favorite obsession with his best buddies? Your effort will not go waste.

6. If All Else Fails Try ‘Brazooca’
Our custom-made, limited-edition World Cup Lingerie Set, inspired by the official football of FIFA 2014 ‘Brazuca’. You’ll have him hooked in a matter of seconds.

Having said all this, with the World Cup season coming to an end you could try to be a bit more understanding. Hey, wait? Did someone just mention league matches?

15 Hottest WAGs this FIFA World Cup

With these ladies likely to be cheering from the stands, keeping your eye on the game is going to be difficult, to say the least! Here’s to some hot & happening women who are making waves as much as their sporting partners (probably more!)

1. Shakira
Who can ever forget that the Hips don’t lie star Shakira, is now a soccer WAG. Mother of Spanish defender Gerard Piqué’s child, this one makes for one hot, cougar couple!


2. Irina Shayk
Now here’s one sizzling supermodel. Dating Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, this Victoria’s Secret supermodel is certainly on everyone’s ogle list!


3. Edurne Garcia
This pop singer & model has definitely earned her place in the hottest WAG list this year. Dating Spain’s backup goalkeeper David de Gea, this is one hot couple to watch out for!


4. Evangelina Anderson
She’s dating Argentina’s Martin Demichelis but that isn’t just why she is making waves. Her popularity as a buxom pin up girl has gone through the roof.


5. Sara Carbonero
This super stylish Spanish reporter is dating Spanish goalie Iker Casillas and dare we say they make one sizzling pair. That she was voted the world’s sexiest Journalist at one time is no mean achievement.

6. Carla Kompany
This trendy radio presenter is said to be a big influence in the life of the Belgian player Vincent Kompany!


7. Michela Quattrociocche
This super stylish film actress is married to the Italian midfielder Alberto Aquilani. Boy, isn’t she hot & happening!


8. Daniella Semaan
Known among her friends as Queen DD, this one has a chequered past. Regularly featured in Gossip Magazines, she left her millionaire husband to be with Cesc Fabregas.


9. Leticia Sahagun
If you have been a part of the twitterati, chances are you have come across the professions of love between Sahagun & Javier Hernandez.


10. Amra Silajdzic
Speaking of PDA, this Bosnian beauty posted a photo of herself & Edin Dzeko kissing- something that he reportedly wasn’t very happy about.


11. Pilar Rubio
This is a face that can launch a thousand ships. A television presenter, she is in a relationship with Champions League-winner Sergio Ramos.


12. Sam Cooke
When you have a Page 3 Girlfriend like Cooke, Chris Smalling can take hearts even after some sporting losses.


13. Sarah Brandner
This German Model sure has a big fan following, something that the Munich midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger will need to contend with!


14. Melissa Satta
What’s with Soccer Players & Television Presenters? Here’s another sexy television presenter coupling with (pun intended, they have been known to be talking about their sex life openly) Kevin-Prince Boateng.

15. Bethany Dempsey
Now here’s beauty with brains! Married to Clint Dempsey, this mother of two has a degree in educational psychology.


Instead of just being arm candies, clearly some of them are illustrious women in their own right, with fledging careers. What they still need to contend with are both bouquets & brickbats for their beaus’ performance on field!

15 hottest footballers at the FIFA World Cup 2014

It is officially time to feast your eyes on not just the greatest soccer talent, but also on the hot bods that come together to sweat it out, this FIFA season. Here’s our list of 15 drool worthy players who will make this summer, sizzle!

1. Olivier Giroud, France

The one word that comes to your mind when you see this Forward for the French team is “Gorgeous”. At 6 feet 4 inches, looking up to him is not just a turn of phrase!


2. Gerard Pique, Spain

If someone spells sex appeal, it has to be this Spaniard. The blue eyes & the unshaven look simply melt your heart.


3. James Rodríguez, Colombia

Catch them young, they say! It can’t get any younger than this 22 year, super talented & super sexy player!


4. Sergio Ramos, Spain

Now this one is really drool worthy! What with his unshaven look, mohawk and the many tattoos that he carries – he can take away your heart with ease!


5. Jesus Navas, Spain

If eyes could kill, you would have been dead by now. The intensity in these blue eyes touch your soul like little else.

6. Fernando Gago, Argentina

Your heart screams SEXY each time you see this Argentinian midfielder perform on the field. His good looks are bound to captivate and mesmerize audiences this world cup.


7. Miguel Veloso, Portugal

Eye candy has a new name- Miguel! At almost 6 feet, he could well have been a model. That face is to die for!


8. Javad Nekounam, Iran

Chiseled features describe this midfielder from Iran. That dimpled chin is sure to have your eyes glued.


9. Mario Götze, Germany

This blonde midfielder has many rooting for him. And not just for his craft but also for his cute smile, the pierced ears & the whole package, which screams HOT! It may break your heart to know though that he is taken, by none other than the sizzling German model, Ann-Kathrin Brommel.


10. Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

This cool dude with that hot muscular bod made a neat $73 million last year. Can the combo get any better?


11. Iker Casillas, Spain

This one wins the good looks trophy, hands down. With Casillas’ Hollywood star looks ogling is more than justified!


12. Mesut Ozil, Germany

Now here aren’t conventional good looks & yet this guy manages to steal our hearts. Dubbed as “the king of goal assists”, here’s a man of substance!


13. Edinson Cavani, Uruguay

Those abs are to die for. Hope there are enough opportunities on camera to see him topless.


14. Mitchell Langerak, Australia

If Chocolate Boy looks are your cup of tea, there’s no one better than this Aussie goalkeeper.


15. Mauricio Pinilla, Chile

Now this is one poster boy! Heavily tattooed- that’s what we call a hunk!

There was never a better show of brawn. May we declare the ogling season open!