5 Fool-proof Steps To Buying Your Daughter Her First Bra

Bras are sort of mysterious to young girls – partly embarrassing because, well, its underwear – partly exciting because needing one means she’s growing up. She might feel ready to try one out, but nervous to talk to you about buying one. If you think she’s ready, it’s O.K. to bring it up with her. Tell her you’d like to take her shopping, maybe try on a bra or two while you’re at it. She’ll appreciate your initiative, and you’re doing it in such a nonchalant way will make her feel at ease.


Buying her first bra is an important step toward young womanhood for your daughter. It’s a big moment she’ll remember for years to come, so here are a few tips to help make the experience as fun and exciting as possible:

Reassure Her
A little empathy goes a long way.  Hold her hand, reassure her that you’ve been through the same. Tell her you’ll help her every step of the way.  Make it a girl’s day out that includes shopping and a whole lot of ice-cream.

Get Her Fitted
Women go  about their whole lives wearing the wrong bra.  Makes sure she isn’t one of them.  A professional fitting session by a fit expert is definitely recommended.  If you’re based out of Bangalore, be sure to drop into our fitting lounge:

Pick The Right Bra
Bralettes, training bras and teen bras are different names for the same item – small bras that are wirefree and usually slip-on. Sometimes they are available in the standard band sizes, but most of the time they come in small, medium and large.

Give Her The Right Guidance
Make sure she knows that comfort is the most important thing to keep in mind when buying a bra. Help her put it on, adjust the straps and have her move around a bit so she can see how it feels. If it takes a few tries before she finds the right one, tell her it’s all right. A bra isn’t something you can just run into the store and grab. It takes some time to try on a few and find one that fits nicely and comfortably.

Give Her Freedom
You know white, nude or black aren’t the only colour.  It’s okay to let her pick something that’s pretty. Even though she’s still a kid in your eyes, she probably has some preferences that you should be willing to acknowledge.  So give her the freedom to pick what she wants as long as it doesn’t interfere with the fit.

Let’s Fall For Fall’s Favourites

It’s the end of the year and it’s time to stock up on the goodies. Some of the favourites that made our cut this month were


The Beloved Baby Doll
The re-vamp of this timeless classic takes on a few edgy additions. Note the sheer bodice with floral printed accents near the décolletage and intricate lace edged trims. Leaving a little to the imagination is mandatory. Choose a colour palette synonymous with fall. Designs in blacks and reds, take centre stage.


The Mod Mode
The 1960s Mod Culture seems to be  making a comeback, in the fashion fraternity. We aren’t too surprised that this trend managed to edge its way into our niche as well.

The Bullet Bra
With fashion from the yester-years making a comeback, why not lingerie? The bullet bra provides full support with cups structured to create a pointed silhouette. Popular in the 1950s, this style is mainly worn under sweaters to create subtle curves. It carried on to the 60’s, with an exploration that delved into prints and textures. The modern take features a sheer and satin finish that gives this piece the edge it has long deserved.


The Sheer Girdle Brief
This form-fitting foundation garment encircles the lower torso, extending below the hips. Mainly worn to shape or for support. Go for a sheer or satin take to really get a feel of this eclectic style.

Bridal Lingerie Picks For D-Day

Men give us their take on bridal picks for this season

Today we made a startling discovery about bridal lingerie. According to our latest stats when men visit the site, the percentage that buy are as much as women! So we decided to ask 6 different Zivame men what they’d like to see in their bride-to- be’s boudoir on their wedding night. Here’s what the experts had to say:

bridal ling  1

1. Go Red They Said
Red has always been the go-to colour for bridal lingerie and men agree that nothing beats a woman in flaming red. Whether you choose lacy, sheer or satin, you can’t go wrong with red.

2. Eternally Loyal To Black
Another no-fail colour is black. Needless to say black slims you down and matches absolutely anything! Up your ante with a push-up style or go silky satin.

3. Garter Belt and Stockings
Sheer stocking and garters, top the lingerie wish-list for your bridal trousseau. And what better excuse do you need to shop for sexy garter belts? Hook them onto your sheer stockings and you’re set to sizzle. A bit of role play in the bedroom never goes amiss.

Comfortable and alluring at once, the lace and satin chemise is a great pick. The favourite this season seem to be  with sheer and lace detail over the bust area. Pair that with a silky smooth robe and turn on the heat.

Corsets not only help you cinch in your waist but can also look great with a thong. Add stockings and the garters and you’re the sexiest pick of the lot. Pick one with front ties or frills for an element of fantasy.

Au Revoir, October

Transience in the form of fall is always welcome here at Zivame. October, a month to remember, saw Breast Cancer Awareness taking centre stage. Being a cause we hold close to our hearts (no pun intended), we decided to go a step further. Along with Bangalore-based NGO Milaap, we went on a mission to get 1000 rural women tested for Breast cancer. 98% of women with breast cancer can be saved with early detection. Through a month-long digital campaign called #Share2Care, we urged people to promote this cause and thereby raise awareness. Thanks to the overwhelming response received, camps were hosted across Trichy, Tamil Nadu and woman were screened for breast cancer as well as cervical cancer.

unnamed (4)

Why so serious, you may ask? We admit, it wasn’t all work.  We saw an enthusiastic lot sport peppy pink to work in order advocate Elle India’s campaign #WearPinkToWork day. It’s always fun to watch men strut around in pink to support a good cause; fortunately we have such willing participants.

unnamed (2)
Here at Zivame we never seem to lack enthusiasm when it comes to celebrating.  The festival of lights, Diwali was no exception. From vibrant Rangolis to sumptuous sweets to gorge on, we pulled out all the stops. The CS team as usual were seen in full form, spreading the festive fever. Rangoli contests were held, the men were caught making gorgeous flower carpets and the crackers served their purpose. We hope you had a nice Diwali too!

Speaking of enthusiasm, you wouldn’t believe the kind of requests we get sometimes.  This was one of the crazy few: https://twitter.com/HoeZaay/status/527149659995652096
(For those of you who don’t know, that’s Jose’ Covaco, quite the popular MTV Vj and comedian. PS: We think he’s quite cute too)

This is what our team had to say to him: https://twitter.com/HoeZaay/status/527149659995652096
(Hope you had fun watching it, because we had fun making it.)

unnamed (3)

Last, but the definitely not the least, our first Halloween celebrations marked the end of the month. Friday the 31st was a day to break out of the mould and try something new. Spooky decorations, funky costumes and candy helped pepper the day with excitement.