How to pick lingerie for your girlfriend?

If there is one gift for your girlfriend, buying which is can be as daunting as it can be rewarding, lingerie has to win hands down! If you are one of those who is drenched in sweat at the thought alone, our man friendly tips will come in handy! Follow them and lace your purchase with anticipation of an exciting nocturnal encounter!

1. Size does matter
There’s nothing quite as important as paying attention to this rule! Remember Women’s lingerie does not follow the Small, Medium, Large pattern. There are some digits & some alphabets you need to master. So remember to run through her lingerie drawer to check for sizes. Surely, you don’t want to get her a bigger size & earn her wrath not just on account of ill-fitting lingerie but for the fact that you thought she is “fat”. Now that is one area you wouldn’t want to venture into, would you?

2. Know her body type
Sure that piece of lingerie looks fab, but will it look as fab on her? It is important to keep her body type in mind before making that purchase. Corsets, for example, are great to accentuate those voluptuous curves while boy shorts add curves to that athletic body. It may be a good idea to add on a sexy robe to your buy….just so that it can cover up any not so perfect lingerie decision you have made. It is an added perk that the swishes of a silk robe get your mood skyrocketing!

3. Buy for her Personality Type
So you want to buy something that is shall we say, risqué? You have set your eyes on that crotchless piece of lingerie…why just that, the entire fetishwear line appeals to you like little else. Before having it gift wrapped just stop short & think of her individual style. Does your gal prefer cute floral lingerie while you are taking the diametrically opposite route? Besides the fact that your gift may never make it on her person, you do not want to leave her thinking that the two of you have opposing personality types, do you?

4. Take a cue from something as prosaic as her Jeans….ya you heard it right
Lori Ann Robinson, A LA based fashion consultant suggests that her Jeans can give you a clue of how raunchy you can get with that lingerie purchase. For someone wearing a timeless high waist jeans, it is safe to go with fairly conservative lingerie pieces. On the other hand, if your gal sports dangerously low waist jeans, you could up your raunchiness quotient significantly too.

5. Colors…Colors…colors
Sure black will transform your girl into a sexy siren, but do stop to see her choice in lingerie. Does she prefer girly colors…the cutesy pink replete with a bow etc. In which case pamper her with what she loves. After all when she feels sexy wearing it, there is a lot of reward that you stand to reap.

6. Cut corners everywhere but on lingerie
There is no denying the fact that top end lingerie brands with their flattering materials & sexy cuts add to the woman’s oomph like little else. Go in for cheaper variants and they may not flatter her just that much. Remember what does not make her feel good, simply doesn’t work when it comes to lingerie!

7. Accessorize
Lingerie is lingerie is lingerie, you thought. Think again? There’s a whole lot of sexy accessory that adds just that provocative touch. Choose from a whole range of suspenders, garters….what have you. That you will have an action packed time ahead, is a given.

8.  Still Floundering- Make the easier choice
Well, if you are struggling in this new-found sea of information- there’s hope. You can take an easier path & gift her a special Lingerie Gift Voucher. While she will revel in your thoughtfulness, you will benefit from the fact that she would have made the choice!

May we wish you luck in your exploits. Remember that the choice you make can affect the direction in which your relationship will go. However, make the right purchase once & the confidence will make you a pro!

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3 thoughts on “How to pick lingerie for your girlfriend?

  1. Good Article, Good Read, Now My Entire Perspective to buying lingerie for her has changed. i know now what wrong i did the first time i tried to buy her some smalls. Won’t be making the same mistake again.

    Thanks Guys for making It easier to Choose for my SO,
    Keep up the good work ….

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